When you join our team, you are part of the family. We pride ourselves in the service and the quality we deliver to our guests, and we provide the same standards to our team members. If you are looking for a summer time position in the heart of the lower village of Kennebunk, you belong here. We look forward to meeting  our next friendly, ambitious barista! 

Currently hiring: Year Round Barista

Click the link below for questions or email to send your resume and contact information!

Barista in Kennebunk, Maine


This month, our employee of the month is Taylor! Taylor, you continue to be a fantastic asset to the café. You are never not busy. You are constantly working on projects, finding things that need doing in the café. You are super efficient when it comes to opening and closing, and you continue to be solid and consistent in your performance and excellence here at Mornings in Paris. Thank You for everything! CONGRATULATIONS!!

-Jason (General Manager)


Our Story


We arrived in Kennebunk, Maine to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for locals and visitors to enjoy. We take pride in our European ambiance, and our French inspired products. We welcome you to our community, 365 days a year.

To read more about our story, please view the article below by the Kennebunk Village.


About Kennebunkport

Our location is within walking distance to Dock Square. Stop in to the cafe, and then see all that Kennebunkport has to offer.